Posted by Paul Keenon on Jun 09, 2019
Scholarship recipients from Glenbard West and South
A major part of the Glen Ellyn Rotary Club philanthropic efforts are the scholarships we provide for eight students
(this year nine) from Glenbard West and Glenbard South.
Six of the scholarship are each $1,500 and two are $3,000 for a total plus one extra this year of $1,500. That is a total of $16,500. The process begins with representatives from the respective schools screening students in preparation for interviews by at least three and sometimes four Glen Ellyn Rotarians. The students prepare by filling out a questioner and writing a paper for the interviewers. We also review the families of the students finances and other potential scholarships. Then we deliberate and the interviewers come to a unanimous agreement on the winners of the scholarships. 
The Rotarians of the Glen Ellyn Rotary Club are honored to meet and interview the 20 students and to get to know them, their needs and accomplishments. We only wish we could provide more assistance.