Each month we will feature one of the many Glen Ellyn Rotary members that make such a difference in our communities. These are people that fill many roles in their day to day lives and apply Rotary values in everything they do. This month’s member is George Bradshaw. George is a friendly face that is always ready to stop and listen.  

When did you become a Rotarian?
I joined Rotary in 1977.

Why did you join Rotary?
Shortly after moving my office into Glen Ellyn, I was invited to attend a meeting by Perry Woodward. While I initially saw it as a way to meet business and community leaders, I soon found that I enjoyed the comradery and that the ideals of Rotary were consistent with my own. 

What is your best Rotary memory?
Over the course of 40 years, there are so many. In my early years, I always enjoyed the interplay between Woody Webb and Chief Hill. This was followed by the more recent comedy team of Chiefs Stone and Norton.

What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of Rotary?
I have always been an avid golfer. I also enjoy traveling whenever I can.

What is one fun fact about you that no one might know?
I am originally from New Jersey. I moved to Illinois in 1965 to attend Elmhurst College and loved the Chicago area so much that I decided to make it my home. But I have traveled back to the Jersey Shore nearly every year since.