Great thing are happening at the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn!
We are beginning to re-gather in person with covid protections but many still have a personal reasons for coming to the meetings on Zoom. This week we had 13 in person and about 7 on Zoom.

Next and so joyous is the that two new members were inducted into the club by Assistan Govenor and Glen Ellyn member Paul J. Keenon. Kevin and Lyndi Bowers have joined in a shared membership with Lyndi as the primary member and Kevin, who will b e just as much a part of the club, as the other member in the group. Let's call it the "Bowers" group! Please congratulate them as you see them or with a an e-mail. Kevin is a Research Director at TSIA and Lyndi is a Portfolio Marketing Manager. They have 6 children ranging in age from 20 to 1 years old. Our President Erika Krehbiel is their sponsor.

Another important happening is that Peter Zeuthen has received yet another "Paul Harris Fellow" award. This is Peters 5th Paul Harris Fellow award. Congratulations Peter.
Our Speaker today was from Project Help, Powered by the YWCA of Chicago. Parent Mentor and Parent Education Programs were explained by Abby Johnson.