Our newest member, and the third in a month, is Janet Sutherland, author, speaker and dog lover.
She is a consultant with Sutherland Media Broadcasting & Media Production Company
Paul J. Keenon Assistant District Governor for District 6440  and Glen Ellyn Rotarian along with Penny Belke, performed the induction at our last meeting. Of course it was hybrid with Janet at her office and some of the members at the Glen Oak Country Club.
Please welcome Janet to the club. At the time of induction she was the newest member of Rotary in the entire world.
Janet is the author of a very interesting and informative book about her health experience. "Nose Over Toes," a book about her recovery that includes research from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation is available on Amazon and locally at our our local book store.
For more on Janet visit this article from the Daily Herald.

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