Beans - No Beans - White - Green - Red - Hot - Mild; it's just how you like it! Chili!
At the invitation of Glen Ellyn Masonic Lodge #950 we partook in a culinary delight.
The 1st. chili cook off!
We were joined by the Glen Ellyn Lyons Club.
About a dozen chefs cooked multiple pots of chili for us to taste and vote on. 
Of course the Glen Ellyn Rotary Club chefs won the most votes and to top of the competition Rotarian Dawn Bussey won first place.
She was joined on the club team of cooks by Sue Martin and Erika Krehbiel.
Erika gave a short description of what Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn does for the community and then called on Peter Zeuthen to share our involvement in International projects.