Posted by Paul Keenon on Mar 16, 2017
Last week we had a very informative speaker, Tim Kustusch, from World Relief DuPage/Aurora. World Relief is a non-profit organization helping Refugees assimilate into the culture of the United states. 
Tim explained the process of vetting refugees into the United States. People are only considered refugees if they are leaving their country of origin to flee from a manmade crisis not weather or nature related crisis.
There are an estimated 21 million refugees in the world. 29 Countries accept refugees. We are not in the top ten for the number we receive each year, but the other countries settle mostly temporary refugees. They must return to their country of origin when the crisis is over. The United States settles the most refugees permanently every year. Last year it was 65 thousand. We average 50 to 80 thousand a year. The President of the United States is responsible to set the number of legally acceptable immigrants every year, according to the Refugee act of 1980. Every week the State Department meets with the 9 non-profit agencies settling refugees and decides what part of the country each individual will be settled in that a week.