We Traveled! With Elizabeth (Beth) Clower
Beth has take in us halfway around the world with her twice.
She is the Instruction Librarian and Business Liaison, with the Glen Ellyn Public Library.
She helped us in vision the travels to these exotic locals thorough the very experienced and knowledgeable eyes of a seasoned traveler...Traveling to South East Asia is not a trip for the faint of heart. First to Singapore and then to Bhutan. Beth shared many of the cultural differences she experienced living in Singapore and visiting Bhutan. I am going to let some of the photos tell the story. Please keep in mind these were taken of the screen through ZOOM.

Republic of Singapore,
Is a sovereign island city-state in maritime South-East Asia
Population - 2019 estimate - 5,703,600
Buddhism (33.0%)
  Christianity (18.0%)
  Islam (14.0%)
  Taoism and folk religion (10.0%)
  Hinduism (6.5%)
  Sikhism or Other religion (0.6%)
  None (18.5%)
Kingdom of Bhutan
Bhutan is situated between India and China and is a potential Sino-Indian battleground.
Population - 754,388
74.8% Vajrayana Buddhism (state religion)
22.6% Hinduism
1.9% Bon and other indigenous faith
0.5% Christianity
0.4% Islam
0.2% Other
In as much as the clothes in this photo appear to be costumes of times gone by they are daily ware in Bhutan.