The Interact Club of Glenbard West succeeds in spite of the challenges of the last year!
Our club is privileged to sponsor the Interact Club at Glenbard West High School. The President of the club 2020/21, Anna Burrus, and two other club officers presented us a program highlighting the success for the club despite the odds against them in a year of quarantine:
  • They were able to accomplish a few projects and organizational changes: Birthday In A Box
  • Glen Ellyn Food Pantry Drive
  • Valentine‚Äôs For Vets
  • Christmas Cards
  • Gratitude Day
  • Board elections 
The incoming Interact Club officers and Senior Advisor, Anna, (that is her title in her Senior year to help the new President make the transition) and club school Adult Glenbard West Advisor Jim Kelly, who was present at our club meeting as well have already chosen 8 priorities for the 2021/22 year so they can get a running start....Congratulations to the Interactors of 2020/21 for their perseverance and dedication to the causes of Rotary International.....PJ
Rotarian Scott Park, Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn Youth Advisor, and Jim Kelly, Adult Glenbard West Advisor,
with three of the officers of the Interact Club of Glenbard West.