If you missed the "Big Wheel" ZOOM event Wednesday  night, you missed a fun time. Phil Norton MC'd the event in the way only he can. President Penny deserves our gratitude and honor for all she did to make this event not only possible, in light of the social distancing, but to make it profitable. In no small way the success was do to her work and the vision of offering "Paul Harris" point to entice people to purchase more "Shares."
Thank you to all who purchased shares and raffle tickets in advance, and for the donations of door prizes and silent auction items.. 
A successful event !  39 attendees to Zoom!  19 door prizes awarded

Last four winners
#93 Briggs group
#100  Rich Jensen
#51 Belke/Borello
#6 Stone/Willsey
Do to the generosity from all the support we will clear $13,000 plus once all the proceeds are received!
9 members will become  Paul Harris Fellows with their second ticket donation to Big Wheel!
As most of you know the proceeds will go towards scholarships and local non-profit organizations ....PJ