Posted by Paul Keenon on Mar 14, 2019

                 Stop Predatory Gambling          Who We Are!

We believe in improving the lives of the American people with compassion and fairness,
freeing us from the lower standard of living, exploitation, and fraud that commercialized gambling spreads.
You are not alone,  Gambling addiction can happen to anyone!

     What We Stand For

  • We believe everyone in America should have a fair opportunity to get ahead and improve their future.
  • We believe every person’s life has worth and that no one is expendable.
  • We believe that a good society depends on the values of honesty, concern for others, mutual trust, self-discipline, sacrifice, and a work ethic that connects effort and reward.
  • We believe no agency or entity of government should depend on predatory gambling to fund its activities.
John Alan Boryk, Rotarian Park Ridge Club and District 6440 Assistant Governor.