Rotary Member Spotlight Is Here!

Each month we feature one of the many Glen Ellyn Rotary members that make such a difference in our communities. These are people that fill many roles in their day to day lives and apply Rotary values in everything they do. This month’s member is Don Fischer. Don has been a driving force of good in his professional and personal life. He is humble man who cares very deeply about others. We are fortunate to call him our friend and fellow Rotarian.
When did you become a Rotarian?
I became a Rotarian with the Hinsdale Rotary club in 1967.A job and location change took me out of Rotary for 6-7 years but in 1980, when I became President of a local bank, I  joined Glen Ellyn Rotary.
Why did you join Rotary?
 I became a Rotarian first for the business connections and second, to be an active citizen and add something back to the community where I worked.
What is your best Rotary memory?
My best rotary memories relate to adding value to Glen Ellyn Rotary through being the catalyst for both  our Christmas celebration of gifts to children and our Significant Achievement Awards program.
What are some of your hobbies/interests outside Rotary?
I truly enjoy  theater,  travel, reading, community service, and entertaining friends.
What is one fun fact about you that no one might know?
For many years I owned and rode  motorcycles and was an active scuba diver.