One of the most particle speakers we have had in months!
Look up Liz Repking, Cyber Safety Consulting, you won't be disappointed.
She is an expert in cyber scams and cyber safety issues particularly when it comes to teens and twines.

Many years ago, Liz became acutely aware of the dangers the Internet posed to children like her own. While parents recognize these dangers, they are uncomfortable and even intimidated by the depth and breadth of the technology their children use. This led Liz to create Cyber Safety Consulting with the goal of educating parents, children, and school educators on the safe, savvy, and ethical use of the digital world.
Liz is also the founder of the CASE program, Cyber Awareness & Safety Education, which is implemented in middle schools nationwide. Liz has been seen on WGN News, Fox Morning Show, NBC News and has contributed to many national news outlets and articles.

Glen Ellyn Library Director and Rotarian, Dawn Bussey,  presenting Liz with a book to be put in the library in her honor as a thank you for taking to time to be our speaker.