As members of our Rotary club, here is something that you should and may want to know!
We have an Interact club at Glenbard West High School.
What is an Interact Club you may ask?
Well, Interact is the Rotary arm who's members attend high school and want to participate in the same kind of activities that Rotary Clubs do of a philanthropic nature.
We chartered the Interact club in 2009. Scott Park is their Glen Ellyn Rotary Club advisor and our Youth Service Chair. Jim Kelly, a former Glen Ellyn Rotary member and current Glenbard West science teacher, is the school advisor for the Interact club. He told us recently that the club is going well in spite of the covid restrictions.
This is a recent communication from Jim:
"We have been meeting virtually with over one hundred students interested in activities and 40-50 participating.  We have had a "Birthday in a Box" activity where we collect about 40 care packages with cake mixes, candles, plates, napkins etc for distribution.  We had two food collections for the food pantries, wrote holiday letters to those in nursing homes and notes of appreciation to school staff.  We have another "restock" the food pantries collection next week for our January project!  Hope you and your family are well.  Please pass my greetings to my friends in Rotary. " ....They are just as active as we are. We all should be proud of their tenacity...PJ