Paula Nugent, from the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry,
brought us the plans for the new, permanent building to house the pantry and distribution center.
She presented from the Glen Oak Country Club with a hybrid in person and Zoom meeting. We thank her for adjusting to this unique situation.
Read on there is much more information!
Paula is an informative and dedicated speaker.
She explained the work that has expanded over the years to do more than supply food, but that remains the biggest challenge.
The big reveal is that the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn will be providing a $25,000 grant to the food pantry capital campaign to help purchase the building and remodeling.
 From the GEFP web site - For 35 years, the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry has been distributing groceries to our neighbors in need, and most recently, distribute 750,000 pounds of fresh, nutritious, and sustainable meals to 32,000 individuals.  Staff, Board Members and volunteers alike work 5 days per week inside Grace Lutheran Church, where our Pantry is housed, assisting guests who have lost his/her job, are disabled and cannot work, are senior citizens receiving a fixed income, or simply have difficulty making ends meet for any number of reasons.  We are there for these neighbors.  We are there to be the smile in their day that they may not otherwise experience.  We laugh with them;  we cry with them.  Our guests mean as much to us as we do to them.