These classification talks have proven to be good for the club and the individual members who provided them.
This week we heard from John Hughs and Jeff Castle.
These classification talks are god for the club and the individual members. This week we heard from John Hughs and Jeff Castle.
John Hughs is Vice President, Market Executive at Lombard Bank & Trust, a branch of Wheaton Bank & Trust, N. A., a Wintrust Community Bank. He gave us a description of the evolution of banking in the Chicago area. One interesting fact was that in the past there were around 500 local community banks, now we are near 0. He related to the club how essential community relations are to banking and how much that has changed with large, non-local banking systems. The general public never has a relationship with the decision makers in the current climate of banking without community banks. There is are close relationships with many non-profits and local social service organization and the Wintrust banks.
Jeff Castle is unique to our club. He is bringing us closer too and helping us understand the necessity of carriers in vocational trades. Jeff owns his own general contracting business. Where would all of us be without these dedicated hard working men and women that suppy, build and maintain everything we use in our homes and work places? He does everything to build a home or business from the planning to the installation of plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. As my dad used to say he is a "master of all trades." He started with building classes in Naperville High School. The student s literally built a home and the school then sold it. He recently remodeled the exterior of the "Naperville Children's Museum." currently his work has been remodeling high end bathrooms and kitchens. In the commercial end of the business he is working for  Japanese firm building a sushi restaurant.