Posted by Paul Keenon on Jun 05, 2017
If you want to know what Glen Ellyn Rotary does for the community just check out the doings of this weekend. Not only was there a ribbon cutting for the Prairie Path Park, that we gave a major donation to and co-operated with the Village of Glen Ellyn, the Glen Ellyn Park District and the Glen Ellyn Public Library,  we built picnic tables and Adirondack chairs for the YMCA to go with the pavilion to be built in the not distant future.

So, commencing Friday afternoon, Glen Ellyn Rotarian and YMCA volunteers started with 160 each 96" long 2"x6" and 2'x4" boards.  Working Friday, most of Saturday and Sunday afternoon, we made 230 cross cuts, 200 angle cuts and 120 rip cuts on those boards.  We used 160 carriage bolts with 160 washers and 160 nuts and 820 decks crews to attach the 230 parts.  And voila, we completed constructing 10 wood picnic tables for the B.R. Ryall YMCA in time for their summer camp program starting today!!! 


And I only noticed one small bandage being required.


Good work to all and thanks.