Big Wheel:...We are back! The Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn held its second largest fundraiser last night. It was a great success.
About 70 people attended in person and about 30 others purchased "Shares" for the chance to win several prizes. All the winners happened to be in attendance. The Grand Prizes were $500 (Monique Buchman), $1,000 (Melissa Kaczkowski) and $1,500 (Rotarian, Scott Park). A $500 (Clint Babicz) prize was awarded as well to the winner of a raffle.
Two other significant events happened last night: 1) District 6440 Governor, Lyle Staab,  inducted two new members, Bob and Lynn Bruno in a shared membership and one multiple Paul Harris fellowship was awarded to Dan Coman a friend of Glen Ellyn Rotary. The final tally of the donations is not available as yet, but it is expected to be around $15,000. The proceeds will go to provide scholarships and grants to dozens of local nonprofit organizations. There is no over head so 100% goes to these these endeavors....PJ Keenon
Bob and Lynn Bruno in a shared membership.
Merrill Rajeck, keeping track of the eliminations!
Kathy Borello and Phil Norton pulling the balls from the "big wheel" to eliminate us, one by one!
Rotarian, Scott Park, the grand prize winner!