Posted by Paul Keenon on Apr 11, 2018
Nicaragua Humanitarian Journey 2017
Jens and Jettee Nielsen
Founders of Nicaragua Direct
The first thing to understand is there are no administration cost for the work that is done by Nicaragua Direct.

This is a  One Hundred Percent Direct Effort.
NO – Administrative Expenses.  All costs are absorbed by us personally.

With the 22nd journey completed successfully, thanks in large to our loyal supporters,
individuals and businesses both in the United States and in Nicaragua. The same holds
true for our dedicated volunteers in both countries. Our heartfelt thanks to all benefactors
Nicaragua is still a country in transition with many challenges facing the approximately 75 percent
of the population. Education is a huge challenge, one that cannot be ignored. Nicaragua
Direct is totally
focused on making a difference in this vital area. Also Senior Care Facilities are receiving assistance in the
form of food and supplies. Numerous request are received from families each year for building supplies, mostly
roofing needs. We try to accommodate as many needs as possible. A brief listing of services provided this
year include:
Five Schools including a Kindergarten
facility with school supplies to be delivered at the beginning of the
next school term commencing in January 2018. These materials will be given directly to each teacher to
assure proper distribution.
Four Senior Care facilities with Food Items, Adult Diapers and, in some circumstances, also Funds.
Roof requests approved for 6 families. The work will begin shortly. Also, work requests approved in
2016 were inspected for proper completion. In addition to pictures posted here more will be on our
On every journey to Nicaragua, we get introduced to something out of the ordinary. This year being no different.
After meeting with the new Principal at the Rafaela Herrera School, Ms. Juanita in Los Marqueses, we were
also introduced to the Ima School in El Socorro. This school teaches classes from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade
in a former horse barn which lacks very basic needs. We are presently evaluating what we can do in addition
to providing school supplies.