Posted by Paul Keenon on Mar 28, 2019
“The Middle East - Present and Future”
Mr. Mohammad Farahmand was born into a political family in Iran.
His father, the late Gov. Jamshid Farahmand, served the Shah before the Islamic Revolution in 1978.
Mr. Mohammad Farahmand was introduced by his friend and colleague Rotarian Peter Zeuthen
Mr. Farahmand received his master’s degree in Natural Resources Engineering from the University of Tehran and has an MBA in Public Policy.
As Iran’s General Director for Water, Agriculture and Natural Resources, responsible for Planning and Budget organization, he was the National Director of both United Nations and World Bank development projects in Iran.
Mr. Farahmand has published many research papers and interpretations in large national Iranian newspapers.
In 2012 he immigrated to United States with his wife and son and currently lives in Sleepy Hollow, IL.
Strongly believing in modern liberal democracy in Middle Eastern countries, he has a very interesting -and often different- point of view on many activities currently happening in Middle East.
One thing that was very clear in what Mr Farahmand expressed was that the individual lives of citizens of the middle east are daily effected by increasing and decreasing oil prices.
The goods and services of this region is so dependent on oil. Also, the region is deficient in water resources therefore inhibiting further expansion coupled with an ever increasing population.
The middle east is looking toward technological advances to solve these problems.
Rotarian Dawn Bussy, our Director of the Glen Ellyn Public Library, is dedicating a book to Mr Farahmand.