Feb 13, 2020 12:10 PM
Yvonne Wolf
Important Tips about Chinese Business Communication @Barones
Important Tips about Chinese Business Communication
What do you do when you meet Chinese business partners? Nod, bow or shake hands? 
Yvonne will share 5 tips on working more effectively and confidently with Chinese partners.

Yvonne Wolf's Bio: Taiwan-born, educated in the US and Europe, and a native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker, Yvonne currently resides in the Chicago area. Before moving from LA to Chicago, she was a human resources trainer for 10 years. She lived in Denmark for 4 years as an international exchange student and worked in a global Japanese company in Denmark called Hoya Lens Danmark A/S. Then, Yvonne moved and worked as a global language trainer in Japan. She has extensive traveling experience having visited over 20 countries including the Middle East, and visited more than 25 states of the US.  She speaks English, Mandarin, and Danish, and has studied Japanese, Spanish, and Greek. 


Yvonne trains business people before they go to China or host Chinese business partners in the US. Having some cultural training for the American representatives greatly increases the impact of their business goals. She helps business people to understand Chinese body language, non verbal cues, and etiquette from a different cultural perspective and learn preliminary meet and greet necessities to make a good impression.