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Rotary Member Spotlight is here!

Each month we will feature one of the many Glen Ellyn Rotary members that make such a difference in our communities. These are people that fill many roles in their day to day lives and apply Rotary values in everything they do. This month’s member is Paul Keenon. Paul has dedicated his life to service, family and is a gifted photographer.

When did you become a Rotarian?
Paul:  1997.

Why did you join Rotary?
Paul:  I wanted to have a community of people of integrity to associate with outside of my church so I could experience people of other faiths and to be able to share with them my faith experience. Plus, I wanted to give back to the community that provided so much for the teens I was caring for through Open Door for Teens.

What is your best Rotary memory?
Paul: How do you pick one? Trips to deliver wheel chairs, being Club President, being an Assistant District Governor, being awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship, giving together, working together, Cultural Exchange experiences, learning to love a diverse group of dedicated people. If you truly get involved in Rotary the experiences of note pile up. One outstanding adventure was helping a group of four young adults start the Rotaract Club at the College of DuPage.

What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of Rotary?
Paul:  Bible Study, reading novels, traveling, studying other cultures, baby sitting my 29 grandchildren and most passionately fine art photography.

What is one fun fact about you that no one might know?
Paul: I have had three last names and I have never been adopted! Ryan, Pembleton, and Keenon. Ask me if you are interested in knowing the riddle!

Everyone loves a good riddle. We can’t wait to hear it at the next Rotary luncheon!


Rotary Member Spotlight is here!
Each month we will feature one of the many Glen Ellyn Rotary members that make such a difference in our communities. These are people that fill many roles in their day to day lives and apply Rotary values in everything they do.  This month’s member is Dawn Bussey.  Dawn is the type of person that makes things happen!  We are so lucky to have her in our community and in our club.  
When did you become a Rotarian?
Dawn: I joined the OakPark River Forest Rotary in 2004 and then transferred to GE Rotary in 2007 when I became the Director of the Glen Ellyn Library.
Why did you join Rotary?
Dawn:  I joined Rotary because it is the Service Organization of choice for Library Directors in IL.
What is your best Rotary memory?
Dawn: My best Rotary memory would be when a group of us had a booth at the Chamber Halloween event and provided a bowling for ghosts game for children to play- which gave us a chance to tell parents about Rotary.
What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of Rotary?
Dawn: My hobby - I love to cook. I spend my free time looking for new recipes and gathering ingredients to make new dishes.
What is one fun fact about you that no one might know?
Dawn: A fun fact about me would be that my nickname in middle school was Turtle. 
Dawn, you can guarantee someone is going to be asking you about that Turtle nickname next time they see you! 

The Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn was represented at the 4th of July Parade by members Ken Bucheit, Roy Fonda and Jeff Waters, along with 3 of our scholarship winners, Diana A, Diana R and Katherine B.  



What an evening we had!...First we started with good old fashioned fellowship around good drinks and excellent food....Then we had John Mulherin as our Master of Ceremony....With Penny Belke backing up each speaker and presenter...



Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Annual President and Board Installation.

We will begin with a cocktail time at 6:30 PM and dinner is at 7:00 PM.


Rotary Member Spotlight is here!
Each month we will feature one of the many Glen Ellyn Rotary members that make such a difference in our communities. These are people that fill many roles in their day to day lives and apply Rotary values in everything they do.  This month’s member is John Helledy. John is our 2015-2016 President and in his short time with Rotary has demonstrated a desire to be deeply engaged from the very beginning.
When did you become a Rotarian?
John: I became a Glen Ellyn Rotarian on May 13, 2010, under the Presidency of Dawn Bussey.
Why did you join Rotary?
John: I have a high school friend who happens to be our Greeter/Fine Master.  Upon my retirement, he asked me if I was going t sit in my rocking chair on the front porch or would I like to do something worthwhile.  Soon I was attending meetings of the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn and the rest is history.
What is your best Rotary memory?
John: This would have to be when I was asked if I would be interested in becoming President of our Club.  I had been our Club Secretary for several years and did not expect to move up so quickly.  As I thought about my answer, I didn’t know how the club would adjust to a person 45  years older than my predecessor who was much better looking, and a different gender. Since I am retired, I had no reason to decline the offer. 
What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of Rotary?
John: These change somewhat as the years go by.  We do enjoy spending time at our lake home in Wisconsin.  We also enjoy traveling, and are active in our church.
What is one fun fact about you that no one might know?
John: Most of my career was in the global business area.  Through business and pleasure I have been fortunate to travel to 76 countries.  The experiences and friendships are numerous.  Traveling overseas helps one appreciate how lucky we are to be Americans.
We are lucky to live in this great country.  Thank you for being a great President to our club this past year!

Our guest speaker today, at Baronies Restaurant, was none other than our own Rtn Paul (PJ) Keenon. He took part in a cultural exchange to Pakistan in March. Then several delegates from Punjab Pakistan came to our district for our District 6440 conference and 10 days of our culture, Paul spoke mostly about the cultural and religious differences between our two countries and a comparison of the safety and crime in the US vs Pakistan particularly Chicago (9.5 million People) and Lahore (12.5 million people). He came dressed in the traditional Pakistan men's clothes and hat(s).  He has a desire to go back to Pakistan and see if he can learn more about the people and the land. He enjoyed his time and discussions in homes of Muslim families.

Annually the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn holds two major fund raisers, a Citrus Sale and Big Wheel Night, to accrue revenue to provide for those organizations our Glen Ellyn Rotary Club Foundation deems qualified in need of the members help. This year we have awarded $17,000 in grants to 21 non-profit organizations and $14,000 in scholarships to  8 deserving students at Glenbard South and Glenbard West.

The organizations listed below are the grant recipients for 2015/16 Rotary Year.
Friends of DuPage Animal Care & Control Foundation
Bridge Communities
DuPage Senior Citizens Council
Family Shelter Svcs
Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities
Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center
GE Historical Society
GE Public Library
GE Youth and Family Svcs
Humanitarian Svc Project
JUST of DuPage
People's Resource Center
Repeat Boutique
Teen Parent Connection
Salvation Army
The photo above represents the Organizations given grants, but is not all inclusive.
Our special thanks to the members of the Glen Ellyn Rotary Club Foundation Board for their diligent work in screening the recipients and managing our funds. Also to the members of the Glen Ellyn Rotary Club for the donations and fund raising endeavors each one participated in to help those less fortunate.




We were honored to welcome visiting Rotarians, Mr. & Mrs. Yosy Shargil.  They live in Haifa, Israel and were visiting their son here in Glen Ellyn.

Rotary Member Spotlight is here!
Each month we will feature one of the many Glen Ellyn Rotary members that make such a difference in our communities. These are people that fill many roles in their day to day lives and apply Rotary values in everything they do.
This month’s member is Scott Park.  Rotary is rooted deep in his family from his father to his children and is our incoming President. 
When did you become a Rotarian? 
Scott: Officially 2005, however, I frequently helped my father with Rotary projects while growing up in Alpena, MI.
Why did you join Rotary?
Scott:  “Meet with community Leaders, Exchange Ideas and Take Action”.  I want to provide service to those in need (Glen Ellyn and outside of Glen Ellyn).
What is your best Rotary memory?
Scott: When my daughters were inducted as the Presidents of the Glenbard West Interact club.  As I child, I enjoyed working the annual Alpena Rotary Radio Auction and helping to build the Bi-Centennial Bike Path in Alpena.
What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of Rotary? 
Scott: Platform Tennis is my true passion.  We have grown the Glen Ellyn club from 1 men’s team of 10 players in 2010 to 14 men’s teams and 3 ladies’ teams.  Golfing with my 12 year-old son Ryan.
What is one fun fact about you that no one might know?
Scott: I get to see the world by attending the summer Olympics: 1976 Montreal , 1984 LA, 1988 Seoul, 1992 Barcelona, 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing, 2012 London ……Rio number 10!


It's 10 days now until Big Wheel Night, and there are 17 of the 100 tickets yet to be sold.

28 of our 46 Glen Ellyn Rotary members have signed up for one or more tickets. 

Thanks to the members who are supporting our second most important fund raiser that funds college scholarships and community grants!!

We have one more meeting at Baronies' on Thursday, then Big Wheel Night on Wednesday the 20 th followed by our Member Guest Social on the 28 th (no regular meeting on the 28 th).  We return to Glen Oak on May 5.

Bring some tip money on Thursday to thank our wait staff on Baronies'.  They served us well.

I've received payment for only 30 Big Wheel tickets so to make things easy on me bring your checks on Thursday.

Lastly and separately, I will email a flyer with the detail of the Member Guest Social.  Please sign up on Thursday or email Kathy Borello so she will know how much food to order.



GE Rotary Member Guest Social - April 28th



Paul Keenon presenting Assistant Governor Carrie Fullerton the trade banner from the Rotary International Personal Representative PDG, Leslie Salehuddin, from the Rotary Club of Gombak, Kuala Lampur, Indonesia. Paul also presented Glen Ellyn President John Helledy with the trade banner from the Rotary club of Islamabad Downtown. All of these banners were presented to Paul to bring back to our Rotary Club by these clubs from the Cultural Exchange trip to Pakistan representing District 6440 and it's delegation lead by District Governor Rodney Adams.



Right To Be Free is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of enslaved children in Africa and broadening the public awareness of human trafficking. Thank you to Lori Dillon for educating us on the realities of issues like this. Learn more



Our club was pleased to have Judy Meikle as our guest. She shared her unique story of being a heart transplant recipient. Judy knew who her donor was - Army Ranger Corporal Ben Kopp. He was shot in the leg in 2009 while raiding a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan. Due to massive blood loss he unfortunately did not make it. A common friend of the families connected Judy with the Kopp family and two days later Judy received a new heart, courtesy of an American war hero. Thank you for sharing your fascinating story with us. You can learn more about organ donation here



This past week we welcomed past District 6440 Governor, Carlos Frum, to share details of the Rotary HealthRays project with us.  Rotary has partnered with Guatemala's Ministry of Public Health and the Pan American Health Organization with the goal to buy and install 29 x-ray machines to serve the rural poor in Guatemala.  Why is this important?  As many as 4 billion people around the globe do not have access to simple x-ray technology.  In fact, many people don't even know it exists.  Making these machines available could allow for better health care, increased productivity and extended life spans.  Visit to learn more about this important project and see how you can get involved in helping Rotary 6440 reach their goal of 29 units.



DiveHeart is an organization that looks to build confidence, independence and self-esteem in the lives of children, adults and veterans with disabilities through scuba diving, scuba therapy and related activities. Thank you to Jim and TinaMarie for sharing all the great work you do with our Rotary club. To learn more about how you can get involved visit


It is our sad obligation to announce the passing of our friend and fellow Glen Ellyn Rotary Club member. May the Lord be with you! Patrick J. Schauer passed this week. More information will be forth coming when we know more.

Pat was born  January 13, 1953 and died in December 2015. He was inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Glen Ellyn in 1988. He was a Past President in the years 2012-13.

He was also an honored multiple "Paul Harris Fellow".

He held many club board positions in addition to being the Past President. He was International Chair, Membership Chair and a member of the scholarship committee. Many of these board posts he held many times.  Pat was also an avid attendee of "Rotary International Conventions" in many countries around the world.

We are saddened by his passing and wish his family peace and contentment in knowing his belief was that he would be with the Lord this day. His long term suffering is over.









Citrus arrived last weekend! Thank you to everyone that supported our fundraiser, helping us raise money for scholarships and local community grants. Our rotarians and other volunteers working the dock had a great time sharing in fellowship, meeting our customers and sampling the fruit!



Our club collected and wrapped gifts for 50 children for the Humanitarian Service Project. This is a program that we participate in each holiday season. If you aren't familiar with the impact this organization has in our communities, please check out their website at
A special thank you to Rotarian Ken Bucheit who has pulled this program together for our club over the years.

This week we welcomed two new Rotarians into our club.  Welcome to Tammy Lemke, CEO of the BR Ryall YMCA in Glen Ellyn and Drew Malone, Financial Advisor with Robert Baird.  District Governor, Rodney Adams, was our guest and had the honor of inducting them.   

Thank you to Rotarian Sue Martin of TMC2.  Sue helped us navigate our way through the Windows 10 update so we could more clearly understand the differences, how it may affect current programs and strategies to customize the view for our individual needs. Sue is known throughout the community not only as a savvy computer expert, but as a friend and leader. 

Our Rotary Club was honored to once again sponsor Mentor Day.  Glenbard South and Glenbard West students are given the opportunity to shadow professionals in various jobs to gain insight to their own career paths.  This was the largest group participating since the program began.  52 students spent the morning with attorneys, engineers, teachers, doctors, media professionals and many more!

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Nov 10, 2016
Ed Coman & Paul Keenon
Meeting @ GOCC - our Club's new Blood Pressure Screening program
Nov 17, 2016
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